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"With over 100,000 coaching sessions and 50,000+ hours of consulting, he is the most experienced real estate coach in the world. Bill's extensive coaching and training experience includes 15 years with Mike Ferry, 5 years at Keller Williams MAPS, coach and trainer for Everest Realty in Salt Lake City, and 9 years with Tom Ferry. As a speaker, he has led over 580 sales seminars with 400,000+ combined attendees. Through all of this and with the help of great mentors, he has learned the key strategies for driving productivity, scaling profitability, effective operations, transferring skills to sales teams, and building a protective culture. Bill will help your team master the language of influence, improve their presentation skills, refine their closing strategies, and enhance their persuasion techniques."
“Bill is one of the best speakers in the real estate industry. Hire him to motivate and educate your team! We can't say enough about Bill and his contribution to our industry!”

Jenifer Berman, CA

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