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I believe that every agent involved in real estate deserves to earn 7 Figures in GCI while still
maintaining balance, and vitality. I have crafted a PROVEN strategy that has supported over 24
people in the last 6 years break the “Million Dollar” mark in their real estate business and
another 15 add 7 Figures to their existing business.

Our process centralizes on three Key Pillars
of your business: Skills, Standards, and Strategies.

They are called the three small “S”’s that
create the BIG S of Success.

Naturally we know that if you were attracted to our organization you are clearly driven, have massive desire and simply need the proper guidance and support to
have the breakthrough you deserve.


With the right “Talent” (you) + the right “System” (the 7 Figure Blueprint) + the right “Coach” (us) you will win championships.


Every team is different and unique; however, as you grow there are many milestones and
lynchpins that are similar. The more you think about it the easier it is to recognize that your
team deserves its own personalized approach to growth, recruiting, training, and scaling.
Through an in depth “5 Questions to Scale” analysis we determine your vision, the roadblocks to your growth and craft a customized and in-depth plan to accelerate the process to the realization of your vision. Through the coaching of you, your leadership (if you have them), and training your sales agents on the most up to date sales skills, we are able to facilitate unparalleled growth and profitability. We will tackle: the building out of your organizational chart, optimization of your existing lead sources, updating of your online and traditional marketing channels, establishing of your UVP for recruiting and the system to attract the “right” recruits, and ultimately how to train/lead/motivate your team to drive their per person productivity in a culture that thrives.

* Please Complete the Evaluation Form to determine what this personalized program would look likefor you and your team *

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How We Do It

Conference Room

Weekly Personalized Coaching Sessions

Created Specifically for you, your vision, your unique challenges and supported with on-going daily, weekly and monthly planning.

Elegant Leather Cases

Success Resources

Modern Day, Proven Scripts, Dialogues,  and objection handlers. Business operation systems, team training processes, recruiting strategies, videos and more.

Collaborating at Work

In Person Training

One 3-Hour in Person Training Session to be used either personally for you or for your team. 

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