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G3 Nation


Are you tired of navigating the world of real estate on your own?

We're here to solve the problems that come with staying up to speed on real estate strategies and dialogues.
Join our community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about inspiring and learning together.

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Why G3 Nation is for you:

Weekly 1-hour training with Bill, 7-figure Real Estate earners, and 7-figure Life Experts

Live In-Person event

Access to Emerging 7-figure Mentorship library

  • Weekly 1-hour Mastermind training session with Bill

  • Monthly training with 7-Figure Life Experts in the following categories: Personal relationship, health/vitality, mindset and personal psychology, financial wealth building, and spiritual grounding

  • Access to the Emerging 7-Figure mentorship library

  • Access to G3 nation’s proprietary numbers tracker/analyzer

  • Access to G3 nation's exclusive live event

  • Monday morning prospecting and role-playing session

  • Access to Bill's 1 in-person exclusive event

  • Private Facebook group

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Access to 7-Figure Selling Course ($799)

  • Recording of all training sessions

  • Daily affirmation via text

  • 30% discount on 7-Figure training, NLP course, and all coach Pipes' online trainings

  • 30% discount on G3 merchandise

  • Dedicated customer support


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