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Join us to increase your 





Discover how to convert more leads, set appointments and sell quickly! 

Are you experiencing challenges and obstacles converting leads into actual business? Our 3-day experiential course teaches you not just WHAT to say but HOW to say it using our 40-point proven system.

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MAY 6th
MAY 8th

Recognized as the #1 Sales and Skill trainer in North America, Coachpipes has been called Inspiring, Informative, Supportive, Energetic, and Approachable. Having led over 400 plus Real Estate and Sales Training events he has over 50 proven trainings to do for you, yourorganization, and your team. In addition to these 50 plus proven trainings we are able to customize trainings and events based upon you and your organizations needs.

   Topics Include:

  •  8 Pillars to Influence

  •  Cracking the Conversion Code

  •  Driving Trust, Respect and Rapport in Sales

  •  Growing your Team By Design

  •  6 Step Process to an Unbreakable Mindset

  •  The 5 Step System for Coaching your team to Greatness

  •  Online Rapport Tactics for Today’s Market

  •  How to Create a Culture of Prospecting

  •  Overcoming your Resistance to Prospecting

  •  NLP: The Science and Art of Influence and Persuasion

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