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Meet our Team



Amanda Heard

Amanda is a co-founder of Mega Team, Heard Real Estate Team based in Carmel, Indiana founded in 2012. During the first few years she and her husband drove the business to “7 Figures” creating an opportunity to bring in other dynamic agents on the team and build what is now a high performing “global expansion team” serving thousands of buyers and sellers each year. Amanda is a performance coach, coaching agents on how to take their business to “7 Figures” focused on funding the life of their dreams. Amanda is a magnetic speaker and inspirational leader in the real estate industry. She has been recognized by her peers for her extraordinary commitment to serve the real estate industry.

Amanda serves with passion, leads with integrity and strives to lift others. Coming from contribution and authentic collaboration are in the forefront of her leadership style. She believes true leadership is about serving.

Amanda Heard began her career in real estate over 27 years ago after graduating from Purdue University. She is licensed in Florida and Indiana.

Amanda believes serving the community is a must in our industry and has several charitable relationships including: “Purposeful Living, “Sell a Home Save a Child” by Forward Edge, “Feed the Children” and local Veteran charities.









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